successful decision making team



Implementing the strategy and showing you
how to convert your strategy into effective
operational decisions is our speciality...



Operational decisions at all levels of the business are necessary if a business strategy is to truly become reality for that organisation.

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Identifying and deciding on the strategic direction for your business has been the focus of much effort and endless papers. Converting that strategy, once defined, through effective operational decisions that turn the vision into reality is far less well understood.


Any strategic change will consume resources and require focus for it to take root and in today’s lean business environments that capacity may not be available internally. With a flexible and collaborative style of working we at Kitenics Ltd have a coherent approach that links strategy and tactics throughout the organisation to ensure that efforts are aligned from board level to shopfloor.


This means the goals of the business as articulted in its mission statement can be embeded in the decision making behaviours of the management team and implemented across the workforce.