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The effective and efficient conversion of data into information can make the single biggest difference in promoting high quality decision making within your organisation.


Thought for the Day:

A picture paints a thousand words

... and the graphical representation of data provides so much more information also.







Ranging from simple data visualisation techniques to the practical application of complex statistical analysis Kitenics Ltd can offer solutions that suit your needs. As well as performing the analysis using some of the leading statistical software packages on the market we can offer coaching and specific training sessions to your staff to add sustainable value to your business.


Measurement Systems Analysis

Without a validated measurement system any analysis or decisions made on the basis of data collected may be flawed or in the worst case totally misleading. Understanding the measurement system and interogating its precision and accuracy are at the heart of Kitenics Ltd approach.


Aim to enter data once use it many times.

The driving principle that lies behind our analysis of data, ensures that data capture and storage systems facilitate the widespread use of data to support the decision making processes within your business.