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“We are as we are measured ...”

Only by careful consideration and construction of
appropriate and relevant organisational metrics can we deliver the results desired



"We measured the productivity of scientists by the amount of data they could analyze rather than by what they produced."

Koscheka - Knowledge@Wharton



“We are as we are measured” can be seen to be true in so many aspects of life. Whether it is age,height, weight, academic results, wealth or a multitude of other metrics the media consistently describes people, organisations and even entire nations in terms that relate to some form of measure. These terms come to set expectations, generate perceptions and in the extreme develop stereotypes that become embedded in our view of the world.


Similarly in business only by careful consideration and construction of relevant metrics can we deliver the results desired. These can then shape the behaviours of employees and customers, establishing expectations that create profitable win-win scenarios for all parties. Very often the problem as well as the solution can be found in the metrics used to define the situation.


Selecting Metrics

Kitenics Ltd can help with this ensuring they are providing information about managerial actions and that the “noise” (changes in the measure that are beyond the control of the manager or organization, ranging from changes in the economy to luck {good or bad}) is understood.


This ensures Managers are aware of how much success is due to their actions otherwise they will not have the signals they need to maximize their effect on performance.