successful decision making team


“Without an adequate understanding of the problem we should not be surprised if the
solution provided does not provide the benefits
we want from our problem solving efforts.”



An Undefined problem has an infinite number of solutions

Robert A Humphrey



The initial identification of a problem often refers to the symptoms being experienced more than the cause. To move beyond recognition of the symptoms, logical and thorough root cause analysis is required. This can involve structured problem solving technigues such as “8D” or can be as simple as repetitively asking the question why?


Treating the symptoms will often only bring about short term relief and may be required as an interim step but only by resolving the causes can we deliver sustainable benefits to the profitability of the business.


At Kitenics Limited we will provide practical assistance and facilitate the definition of the problem to ensure that “sticking plaster” solutions are converted into long term fixes.


Four key characteristics of a problem statement :

  1. Be as specific as possible
  2. Include observable facts
  3. Identify the undesirable aspects
  4. Do not propose solutions